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          Application field

          Electric tool ball bearings

          Electric tool ball bearings


          Donghuang bearing provides optimal bearing solutions for the service conditions of each part of electric tools. Through continuous bearing experiment, environmental simulation experiment, power tool durability experiment and power tool actual test, the tool is effectively analyzed in an all-round way, and the bearing attribute, raw material attribute, spare parts and various microstructure are fixed with the internal part number to ensure the use stability of the tool. The electric tool bearing of VCD bearing has produced more than 120 bearing models, more than 5000 part numbers and more than 300 machined parts. The special single row, double row and double groove bearings developed by VCD bearing electric hammer and reciprocating saw have won more than ten patents, and have independently developed many equipment, fixtures and special testing tools to meet the special structural requirements of electric tools and ensure the service life of electric tool bearings.
          High sealing and low noise of electric tool bearing; At the same time, due to the improvement of motor shaft materials and production equipment, the practical returnability of bearings has been effectively guaranteed, and the quality level of motor series bearings has reached the international advanced level.


          Other applications

          Automation equipment
          Micro electric appliances
          Electric tool ball bearings
          Auto and motorcycle ball bearing
          Fitness equipment
          Household appliances
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