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          Application field

          Auto and motorcycle ball bearing

          Auto and motorcycle ball bearing


          Donghuang bearing also has more than 10 years of experience in the motorcycle industry. The bearing is widely used in two wheeled and three wheeled motorcycles. Due to working conditions, mechanical parts are always exposed. In order to adapt to different driving conditions, Donghuang bearing has done a lot of experiments and research, and developed bearings with high sealing, long service life, high durability and low energy consumption.
          Attention should be paid to the use of motorcycle bearings
          For many motorcycle riders, it is very important to equip a good motorcycle bearing.
          Some people's motorcycle bearings are replaced only once in seven or eight years. A well maintained bearing is still the same as a new one after several years of use, but some people need to replace the bearing often. Why did this happen? One reason is that the price of bearings is not very high because of the quality of bearings. Choosing a good bearing can save a lot of trouble. The second is the problem of maintenance. Some people accidentally let the bearing into water when removing the wheel by themselves. The result of such things is to speed up the damage of the bearing.


          Other applications

          Automation equipment
          Micro electric appliances
          Electric tool ball bearings
          Auto and motorcycle ball bearing
          Fitness equipment
          Household appliances
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