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          Although the environment of large imported bearings is not good, some companies that are brand companies and companies that operate domestically imported bearings have increased rapidly in the previous year. It's much harder to build a brand today than it was a few years ago. Therefore, the imported bearing company still has to build its own brand: in terms of product development, it must be appropriate to spend today to make a difference, the difference must be "tall," and the difference must be the development idea of ??the big brand. Mass advertising in the media. This simple and rude method of brand building is now outdated. Imported bearing companies only need to have their own "fan group". They can be recognized by a segment of imported bearings. At the same time, there are some new additions that are worth encouraging imported bearing companies. For example, the whole house customization can see the rapid development of bearings. Under this spending trend, people's spending concepts have now changed, and individual needs are more and more focused. In recent years, many imported bearing companies have also begun to get involved in this one. The furniture made at the decoration site is not good in technology and not environmentally friendly. After the whole house is customized, there are good production equipment in the factory. The technology and environmental protection are also very good. The decoration site is only installed, which also reduces the time for consumers to decorate. . Of course, for imported bearing companies, when it comes to whole-house customization, it is necessary to deal with designers. The investment in factory production equipment must be more intelligent, and the customization requires precise data manipulation. In addition, under the new spending trend, import bearing companies must also continue to explore the form of sale. E-commerce is a big increase in the future. According to the forecast of China's E-commerce Research Center, in 2015, China ’s e-commerce planning for building materials products reached 205 billion, during which the online shopping plan increased by 249%, and the online shopping rate reached 17.5%. But now, China's imported bearing industry has not been able to qualify as an exceptionally successful company in terms of e-commerce. It lacks a leader, and e-commerce talents are relatively thin. Imported bearing companies need to be fully prepared to enter e-commerce.
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