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          Why don't the bearings on the bicycle use ordinary ball bearings?

          Why don't the bearings on the bicycle use ordinary ball bearings?

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          • Time of issue: 2021-04-26 21:04:26
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          Generally, there are two main types of bearings on bicycles: bearing and bead stop. In addition, there is another weird thing about a rolling pin, so I won't discuss it here.
          This problem is mainly focused on the hub. Bearings in these places have requirements for lubricity and strength of axial force and radial force at the same time. In places like the rotation point of the shock absorber of the frame, the main consideration is the radial force, so almost all of them are bearing.
          Traditionally, the hub that is independently embedded in the bearing assembly is called "Peilin", and the two ends of the hub are driven into the pan bowl, the balls are discharged into the pan bowl, and the bearing driven by the rotation of the ball is called the "ball stop". .
          In layman's terms, the bearing can be dismantled as a whole and become the ring-shaped "ball bearing" that everyone usually sees.

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